Reviews and Other Praise

"This is the football book that tells you what you need to know and where to go in order to know it. If pro football vanished tomorrow, it could be reconstructed piece by piece from this book."
—Allen Barra, author of The Last Coach: A Life of Paul "Bear" Bryant

"Pick up this Refrigerator Perry of a book at your own risk—to your back, but also to your plans for the rest of the day. Or the rest of the season."
—King Kaufman,

"Palmer, Gillette, and Lahman have done a terrific job of fitting a ton of useful data and information into this relatively compact volume. I have many football reference books on my shelf, but the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia is the one I will reach for again and again."
—Doug Drinen, creator of the

"An all-time great book from an all-pro team of experts! To settle arguments before they get physical, keep this by the channel changer at all times."
—John Thorn, sports historian and co-editor of Total Football, the last official encyclopedia of the NFL

"The list of historical starters for every team is a fantastic resource. It's not just a list of names, but a fascinating history of every NFL franchise. You could spend thousands of hours tracking down microfiche in order to gather all the stats and names that make up pro football history...or you could just buy this book."
—Aaron Schatz,