About The Editors

Executive editor Gary Gillette is a reformed Lions fan whose goal in preparing this work was to see that the uncounted millions of pro football fans finally got an encyclopedia worthy of their passion for the game. He is the co-editor of the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia with Pete Palmer, his longtime collaborator, as well as the author of the new Tigers Corner 2007 and Ultimate Red Sox Companion.

Managing editor Matthew Silverman was also the managing editor for the last official NFL encyclopedia, Total Football, as well as seven offshoot books. He is an associate editor for the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia and is author of Mets Essential, co-author of the forthcoming Mets By the Numbers (with Jon Springer), and will co-edit the annual Meet the Mets (with Greg Spira). He has worked on numerous other books, including Total Baseball, and was lead editor for Baseball: The Biographical Encyclopedia for Total Sports Publishing, for whom he was associate publisher.

Pete Palmer was co-author of the groundbreaking Hidden Game of Football (1988 and 1998) with Bob Carroll and John Thorn, and also edited the Barnes Official Encyclopedia of Football (originated by Roger Treat) during the 1970s. He has been a member of the New England Patriots stat crew since 1975 and is also a member of the Professional Football Researchers Association. Palmer's baseball credits include the seminal Hidden Game of Baseball (with John Thorn) and the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia (with Gary Gillette).

Ken Pullis has enjoyed a lifelong passion for pro football, especially statistics. He started in 1988 compiling a list of every 100-yard rusher and receiver as well as every 300-yard passer, a project that grew into compiling game-by-game statistics for every NFL player. Pullis has been published by the Professional Football Researchers Association and was the 2002 Ralph E. Hay Award winner for career achievement in pro football research and historiography.

Sean Lahman has written or edited several books on sports history, including the forthcoming Historical Football Abstract. He has covered professional football as a columnist for the New York Sun since 2003. Lahman is a contributor to the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia and has also developed statistical content for groundbreaking tennis and basketball encyclopedias. In 1998, Lahman founded the Football Project, and organization of researchers dedicated to collecting and digitizing play-by-play accounts of pro football games.

Tod Maher is an award-winning researcher and writer who lives in Monterey, California with his wife Marilyn. He is the three-time winner of the Nelson Ross Awarded (awarded annually for outstanding research by the Professional Football Researchers Association). He is also the 2001 winner of PFRA's Ralph Hay Award for career achievement in pro football research.Maher is co-author of The Pro Football Encyclopedia, published by MacMillan in 1999, The World Football League Encyclopedia, Outsiders: Minor League and Independent Football 1923-1950 and Minor League Football: 1960-1985.